FINANCE: The north west London trust has reforecast its surplus down to £220,000, £2.3m below what it aimed for in its annual plan.

The £187m-turnover trust said the re-forecast “followed an intensive period of efficiency savings review together with scrutiny of overall divisional financial positions”. It added: “Incorporated into the re-forecast are the individual revised positions divisional teams have committed to deliver at the year-end.”

“The resultant forecast income and expenditure surplus expected is now £220,000, £2.3m below the annual plan level. It should be noted however, delivery of this
position will still require a significant improvement in the underlying financial position of the trust and in particular with the delivery of savings schemes.

“Divisions overall have now committed to a year-end shortfall of £1.5m; a variance of 22 per cent when the current shortfall at month five is already £1.15m,” the trust said.