FINANCE: Auditors have raised concerns about Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust’s financial plans for 2012-13, according to October board papers.

The papers said external auditors had qualified their value for money conclusion citing concerns around how it would achieve its budgeted savings for 2012-13.

The paper included the annual audit letter, dated August 2012.

Accountants PricewaterhouseCoopers issued an unqualified audit opinion on 11 June 2012 but qualified its value for money conclusion.

The letter said: “We qualified our value for money conclusion in relation to the criterion to secure financial resilience because we found the following matters during our work that which we judged to be significant: cumulative break even position; financial support in 2011/12: financial management; future plans - 2012/13 budget and cost improvement programme.”

On the future plans, the letter said: The 2012-13 budget and CIPS plan was presented to the board 26 April 2012.

“As at June 2012 the CIP programme remained short of the overall £22m CIP target by £9.8m current year effect and £6.5m on a full year effect basis.

“The trust has appointed an external consultant to assist in bridging the CIP gap. The 2012-13 budgeted net position is break even however plans to ensure this position is achieved are unclear.”