PERFORMANCE: A report to the board of Hillingdon Hospitals Foundation Trust said the introduction of the “RATing (rapid assessment and treatment)” had helped its A&E performance.

The A&E time to treatment target, a new indicator, aims for patients to be treated in under an hour.

The August performance at the trust was 55 minutes when the urgent care centre was factored in and one hour, eight minutes when it wasn’t.

The year to date totals were one hour, seven minutes with and one hour, 24 minutes without the UCC.

The report said: “There has been a significant improvement against this indicator (last month 1hr.30min excluding UCC). This is in part due to the introduction of the RATing (rapid assessment and treatment) process which was introduced on the 22nd of August 2012. RATing ensures that every patient arriving at the major’s area is seen by a senior medical officer on arrival.”