WORKFORCE: Staff will have to pay more to park at Ipswich Hospital while visitors will be allowed to park for up to 30 minutes free of change and pay less for longer stays.

Staff will face a 20p increase to £1.70 to park for the day, while those who pay monthly will see the charge increased by £2 to £28.

The trust says it will use some of the money raised from car parking to provide better cycle racks and shower facilities.

Tony Ramsey, chairman of the Ipswich Hospital User Group which represents patients throughout the hospital, said: “In an ideal world, the hospital would not have to charge for car-parking. The reality is that it does have to do so to pay for much needed improvements on the hospital access roads and to manage the car parks in a safe and secure way. I feel these changes are sensible and have taken on board what people using the hospital feel.”