Royal Devon University Healthcare Foundation Trust

Royal Devon And Exeter’s Reduction In Scope One Emissions Through Its Work On Anaesthetic Gases

The objective was to minimize the carbon footprint from the use of anaesthetic gases within the trust, and this involved stopping the use of Desflurane and stopping the use of nitrous oxide in anaesthesia except in obstetrics. Organisers cut the use of nitrous oxide by reducing the consumption of Entonox throughout the trust and by working with Medclair to mitigate its use. Organisers collaborated with the start-up SageTech Medical to develop an innovative method to capture and recycle anaesthetic gases.

The judging panel found this to be an exceptional example of combined behavioural change and innovation in a clinical setting, demonstrating collaboration both internally and externally.

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Highly commended: Northampton General Hospital Trust - Be PPE Free!


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