STRUCTURE: The chief executive of Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Sir Leonard Fenwick, has issued a statement following the High Court review on children’s heart surgery services.

He said: “The impact of such legal procrastination has serious consequences for the NHS serving only to frustrate and delay what needs to be done and quickly.

“The outcome was not unexpected.

“Sadly so much time and money is being wasted.

“Having said that, there are democratic rights which can be exercised however we are not prepared to drown in a sea of semantic pollution hence shall continue to put the children and parents first and foremost in all that we do because no matter the claims and counter claims, Newcastle as a centre with such a comprehensive service portfolio shall be working towards what this is all about - a safe and sustainable service in the national interest.

“So much so, our ongoing investments including additional skilled staff recruitment are now well underway.”