What’s the worst decision you have ever made?


For me, it was probably not to go to University when I left school.  Coming out of a convent boarding school I just wanted to get started in the world of work, and I resisted all the advice to continue my education.


Of course, many years later I recognised that my decision was probably not the best I had ever made, and discovered that I was passionate about learning, reading, and research.  I told my fellow students that it had just taken me a whole lot longer than them to grow up!


Along the way, though, I gained a whole lot of experience and career growth that I would not have missed for the world.


And I’m still learning.  If there is one piece of advice I could give to people, it is that it is never too late to learn, to start a course, to gain a qualification.


And READ! It gives me such pleasure to see my 7 year old grandson engrossed in a book.  The book that I am reading this week is Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s “Flow” – all about how to achieve happiness. Don’t ask me how to pronounce his name!


But of course, there are now so many more ways to learn – the internet is filled with wonderful sites that can expand our horizons, our learning, our insights. I found a new one today:




It’s filled with short videos devoted to “ideas worth spreading”.   And it’s not for profit.