PERFORMANCE: The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn has been criticised by the Care Quality Commission over its record keeping.

The CQC raised moderate concerns after an inspection found some records did not clearly show whether patients’ needs were being met.

Information was sometimes kept in different pieces and not incorporated into care plans while care plans had limited information and did not reflect patient’s individual circumstances and preferences.

QEH director of nursing Gwyneth Wilson said the trust was now compliant in areas where concerns had been raised by the CQC previously but she acknowledged work was needed around record-keeping.
“We now have to undertake more work around record-keeping and we plan to implement brand new documentation. We have spent the last year reviewing and developing new combined nursing and medical documentation which we will be implementing across the trust over the next few weeks.” she said.

“We have worked hard to ensure that any documentation is individualised and patient-centred.”