STRUCTURE: An assessment has concluded that north London’s proposed integrated cancer system is marginally stronger than that put forward by the south and west of the capital.

A panel was asked to assess the submissions provided by the two nascent integrated cancer systems for the capital, known as London Cancer and The Crescent respectively.

London Cancer encompasses the providers in north east and north central London. The Crescent comprises those in the south east, south west and north west London.

A report to the south-west London cluster said the panel had “spent a day with each proposed system” and found seven “areas for action” for each. They are due to replace London’s existing cancer networks.

London Cancer, it rated ‘amber’, while The Crescent was assessed as ‘red-amber’.

The report said: “The provisional risk rating of London Cancer’s system arrangements is amber. It identified seven areas for action relating to leadership, governance, planning, measures and metrics, ways of working, implementation of the model of care and working with commissioners on commissioning arrangements for breast cancer care and radiotherapy.

“The provisional risk rating of The Crescent’s system arrangements is red-amber. Again seven areas for action were identified relating to leadership, governance, vision and objectives, measures and metrics, ways of working, implementation of the model of care and work with commissioners.”

It said red indicated “the evidence provided did not demonstrate that the system met, or had plans in place to meet the criteria” and amber meant “the evidence demonstrated partial meeting of the criteria”.