FINANCE: NHS Sutton and Merton is disputing over-performance for radiography by the foundation trust, and has said chemotherapy has also seen more activity than planned.

The commissioner’s finance papers said the south west london acute commissioning unit, which represents Sutton and Merton, and four other PCTs, had not yet reached an agreement with the foundation trust over the dispute.

In contrast to the over-performance in radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the report said for month nine, December, the trust was under-performing by £494,000 on its contract for Sutton and Merton, principally £333,000 in critical care and £125,000 in outpatients.

But the PCT added: “This under-performance with Sutton and Merton is not indicative of Royal Marsden’s sector-wide performance. Thus, the figures are valid at this stage but the risk is they are unlikely to be representative for a forecast outturn.”