PERFORMANCE : A ‘hub and spoke’ model of specialist rehabilitation from serious trauma leads to shorter lengths of stay, better patient outcomes and cost savings, a rehabilitation expert has said.

Professor Lynne Turner-Stokes, director of the UK Rehabilitation Outcomes Collaborative programme, argues that the model used by The Walton Centre in Merseyside is leading the way in rehabilitation services. UKROC examined specialist rehabilitation services in London and Cheshire and Merseyside.

The Walton Centre’s model involves joint working between brain specialists, spinal hospitals and seven trusts that creates clear pathways for patients.

The trust acts as the hub, while other spoke and extended units and community specialist rehab services are on hand to provide step down care as patients get better.

Dr Ganesh Bavikatte, a consultant and clinical lead in rehabilitation medicine at the trust, said: “Our patients are benefiting from a seamless flow between units and they are making a good recovery in a shorter time. This makes it very person centred as well as a cost efficient service.”