Sexual health services currently provided by Whittington Health are to be put out to tender by the north London authority that took over the role of commissioning the services last April.

Haringey Council is to launch the bidding process this summer but refused to disclose which aspects of the service the tender would cover or the value of the contract.

“The contract details are commercially sensitive and not finalised as yet, as are exactly what services we’ll be putting out to tender,” a council spokesman said.

Nearly £6m was allocated by the council to sexual health services in 2013-14, according to the authority’s papers.

Whittington has already been in dispute with the council over the value of the 2014-15 contract, according to Whittington Health’s April board papers.

“Contract discussions with [the] London Borough of Haringey for sexual health services are proving very challenging due to the significant reduction in contract value that LBH is proposing; negotiations have now been escalated to chief executive level.”

The council would not provide details on why the contract was put out to tender but a spokesman said: “The transfer of sexual health commissioning responsibilities to local authorities provides the council with the opportunity to redesign our sexual health services system in order to increase prevention activity.

“To do this, we intend to procure new services which are designed to meet the specific needs of Haringey residents.”

A spokeswoman for Whittington Health said: “Whittington Health will work closely with Haringey Council throughout this tendering process. We have not as yet seen the specification details.”

Whittington Health will continue to deliver the services during 2014-15.