FINANCE: Whittington Health Trust has set a savings target of £38.9m over next two years.

After achieving a £19.6m savings in 2011-12, the north London trust has set targets for the next three financial years.

A report from chief executive Yi Mien Koh to the trust’s board said: “Having fully delivered last year’s Cost Improvement Programme (CIP) of £19.6m (7.1 per cent of turnover), the focus this month is to identify CIP schemes worth £10.5m (four per cent) for 2014-15.

“This information is required by Monitor for the long term financial plan. The CIPs for 2012-13 and 2013-14, of £13.1m (4.74 per cent) and £15.3m (5.65 per cent) respectively, have already been identified and robust management will be required again this year to ensure delivery.