Public Assistance Journal and Health and Hospital Review, 9 April 1948

A new type of hospital bedside locker has recently been designed. Its object is to place within the patient’s reach everything needed, to avoid delay and lessen the work of the staff. Invented by Miss Olive Matthews, is it named the 'Frances Louise' after the inventor’s mother, for whose use the locker was first devised. A prototype model made by Messrs Heal and Son was recently examined with interest at a gathering at the United Societies Club. Mr AFB Nall, secretary to the Hospital Equipment Standards Advisory Committee to the British Standards Institute, proposed the toast of success to the venture. In doing so he stated that he wished to draw attention to the amount of trouble and care Miss Matthews had put into the job. Clearly she had the interest of the sick and otherwise incapacitated very much at heart and had been to great lengths in an endeavour to alleviate their discomforts.