23 April 1948, Public Assistance Journal and Health and Hospital Review

From an article on the care and dressing of wounds:

"A surgical nurse’s hands should be kept in good condition by being thoroughly dried after each washing and by the use of a good hand cream that will prevent cracks and roughness of the skin, which might predispose to infection. Finger nails should be kept short and over manicuring of the cuticles should be avoided, for this leaves recesses or cracks into which bacteria may enter. The older method of preparing for the carrying out of surgical procedures by scrubbing the hands and forearms under warm running water for five minutes before immersing them in a fairly strong antiseptic solution has now been abandoned. If a dressing cannot be carried out entirely by the use of sterile forceps, sterile rubber gloves should be worn. Hands are now washed in the ordinary manner, with warm water and soap, and are dried on a clean towel."