The company at the centre of allegations of abuse of vulnerable patients is to close a second care home, it has been announced.

Castlebeck, which owned the Winterbourne View care home in Bristol where abuse was filmed by an undercover BBC journalist for Panorama, said it was to close Rose Villa, also in Bristol.

Four members of Rose Villa’s staff were suspended last month following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission while allegations of misconduct were investigated. But Castlebeck today said it was closing the rehabilitation centre for adults with learning disabilities, which has five patients and 30 staff, for “operational reasons”.

Winterbourne View, which saw 13 staff members suspended over allegations of abuse, closed in June.

Castlebeck’s chief executive, Lee Reed, said it was closing the site “with regret”.

“The service is being closed purely for operational reasons. Whilst we recognise the concerns raised in the recent CQC inspection report, our decision has resulted from the fact that in reviewing operational practicalities, Rose Villa would be left on its own in the South West - some distance from the support that could be provided by our services in the West Midlands,” he said.

“The decision is purely voluntary and not at the instigation of CQC.

“We very much appreciate the support given to Rose Villa by commissioners since the service opened. However, we also understand the scrutiny they are under in terms of continuing to commission from a service where CQC have identified concerns, albeit that these could, in our opinion, be relatively easily addressed.”

The CQC carried out an inspection of Rose Villa on 1 July, and two members of staff were suspended after concerns were raised about safeguarding.

According to the BBC, another member of staff was suspended in June after a whistleblower went public, and the fourth worker is accused of mishandling a patient.