FINANCE East and North Hertfordshire Trust has launched a probe after its September income was “significantly down” on forecast, a report by discussed by its board said.  

The report, by the finance committee, said the below forecast income - for the second month in a row - was “mainly down to” significant variances in cancer activity at the Mount Vernon site.

A separate finance report also discussed at the meeting said income for September stood at £27.4m, compared to the £28.4m planned.

The finance committee’s report added that the head of information was carrying out an investigation as to why the Mount Vernon income position has “deteriorated significantly”.

It added: “This concluded inaccuracies which have since been corrected but these have not materially answered the questions about the level of activity there.

“The chair urgently requested an indication of what the underlying issue is and what the drivers of the shortfall are, a review of current Mount Vernon marketing schemes and how this relates to the strategy for Mount Vernon.”

Despite the Mount Vernon setback, the director of finance said he expected the trust to achieve its £3.6m surplus target for the year.