PERFORMANCE: United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust has launched a major push to prevent patients falling whilst in hospital.

Under its Safety Express Plus project the trust has a key focus on single areas each month and during September it will aim to reduce falls.

The falls month is a chance for all staff to work together to focus on ensuring patients are properly assessed for their risk of falls, and that suitable preventative measures or treatment are put in place.

The month will involve displays being put up in hospital emergency assessment units and medical emergency assessment units by a local community falls coordinator, explaining what help there is in the community to help reduce the risk of falls.

In addition, ward visits will be carried out to see how individual areas are doing on assessing falls so that improvements can be made.

Quality and Safety Manager for United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust, Dr Steve Cross, said the campaign is aimed at re-invigorating the good work that has already taken place around falls.

He said: “Safety Express Plus started with us looking at measuring and reducing potential risks to patients from venous thromboembolism, falls, pressure ulcers and catheter-acquired urinary tract infections.

“We wanted to re-invigorate our work in these areas because they are so important to the care that we provide for patients.”

He said falls were a real problem, with thousands happening every year adding: “Assessing patients for their risk of falling means that we can take action to reduce that risk. It really works in improving the care that we provide to patients.”