United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust has invested £150,000 in eye surgery at County Hospital in Louth.

Patients needing cataract surgery will now be able to have both their preoperative assessments and operations at Louth hospital.

A trust statement said: “The investment in new equipment will allow surgeons to carry out cataract operations as well as minor oculoplastic procedures such as ptosis (droopy eyelid) surgery and surgery to correct abnormal eyelid position such as entropion (eyelid rolling in) and ectropion surgery (eyelid rolling out).

“The new service means that many patients will no longer have to travel to Lincoln, Boston or Grantham for these procedures, or for the pre-operative assessments that come before them.

“The new equipment includes a new microscope and an IOL master machine, which cost £27,370 and was purchased by the Louth hospital League of Friends.”