PERFORMANCE: A new patient tracker system has been introduced at United Lincolnshire Hospitals to make sure stroke patients receive quick efficient care.

The trust has launched the project in recognition that fast treatment can be a lifesaver and reduce lasting effects of a stroke.

All stroke patients coming in to Lincoln County Hospital will be identified to ensure they are treated appropriately and action taken where standards are not being met.

The hospital aims to have all stroke patients admitted to a stroke unit within four hours.

Site duty manager Joanne Pullen said: “Over the last few weeks I have been addressing issues with meeting the targets and putting measures into place so we achieve the best journey for the patient and the best care possible.

“The benefits have already been proven as the patients are getting to the stroke unit immediately and are receiving the care that they need to enable a speedier recovery.”

She is also involved in tracking all patients who are admitted to A&E or the emergency assessment unit with a possible stroke to ensure that they are receiving the care that they should in timeframes set out by the stroke quality indicators.

As well as being admitted onto the stroke unit within four hours, each stroke patient admitted to the hospital should receive a CT scan within a set timeframe and have a swallowing assessment within four hours of admission to hospital.