PERFORMANCE: The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has launched an investigation after it found “major concerns” at a hospital in Boston, including one patient being left in pain for days.

United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust, which runs Pilgrim Hospital, is already the subject of a police investigation following claims of mistreatment of patients.

The CQC published a report detailing an inspection in February, when it took enforcement action over the way patients were treated and fed.

Although the trust has taken steps to improve conditions since then, the CQC said it was “not satisfied with the speed with which the trust responded, or with the trust’s ability to proactively identify and address problems”.

It has now launched a full investigation at the trust.

Earlier this month, it emerged a member of staff had been suspended following claims of mistreatment of patients at Pilgrim Hospital. This matter is still being investigated by police.

The hospital is also carrying out its own separate investigation into claims a dying patient was neglected by medical staff.

A trust statement said: “We fully accept the CQC’s findings and are deeply upset by them. We have worked very hard to address all the issues raised by the CQC and they have recognised that we have made good progress. We will fully cooperate with the investigation.”

Hourly care rounds have now been introduced on wards “so patients know they can expect to see a member of staff at least every hour and we are satisfied that their needs are being met”, the statement went on.

“We introduced a completely new management structure in April from the top to ward level to enable us to identify and address issues as quickly as possible. We are supporting staff by providing refresher training including assessment and care planning, fundamental aspects of care and record keeping.”