PERFORMANCE: University College Hospitals Foundation Trust has exceeded its MRSA target for 2010-11, but regulator Monitor has chosen not to take action over the issue.

As part of its submission to the watchdog for the third quarter of 2010-11, the trust reported it had seen 10 MRSA cases in the year so far, against a whole-year target of eight. Three of the cases occurred in quarter one, with another seven taking place in during quarter two.

The regulator Monitor considered whether the trust should be “escalated” to determine whether the organisation was in significant breach of its terms of authorisation, but decided against it, board papers said.

The trust assured inspectors it had had an action plan in place since April last year and, although inspectors had not seen the document, Monitor said it was assured that the trust was doing everything it could to reduce MRSA.

Monitor also noted that the trust had met its 2009-10 quota, with 22 cases against a target of 25. It also noted that the 2010-11 target represented a 64 per cent reduction on last year’s.

Its report on the issue said it expects the trust to reduce incidence of MRSA during the remainder of 2010-11. Monitor will consider the trust’s position regarding MRSA at the end of the year to decide whether further regulatory action will be needed.