FINANCE: University College London Hospitals Foundation Trust has said it plans to grow activity to match the efficiency assumptions built in to the reduction in tariff prices.

The trust’s annual plan review said: “We have taken a prudent approach to planned growth, especially when you compare actual growth achieved over the last few years, assuming like-for-like activity growth at 1.9 per cent, 2.3 per cent and 4 per cent respectively for the next three years.

“The financial impact of this is offset by an assumption that our reimbursement through tariff will continue to be inflation less 4 per cent efficiency savings assumption every year.”

It added: “Furthermore, working closely with our lead commissioners, we have sought not only to reflect their demand aspiration goals in our activity growth projections but also to reflect their [quality incentive payment] programme in our calculation of income. These are all further detailed in the appendices.

“The trust remains very mindful that the continuous requirement to identify and deliver financial efficiencies puts a pressure on staff and the whole organisation which raises the risk of jeopardising the high standards of patient quality which we deliver and therefore, reluctantly, a minimal financial surplus is set as the overall target to ensure that the efficiency target remains achievable.”