PERFORMANCE: Ten patients have been waiting over a year for treatment at University Hospital of South Manchester Foundation Trust, including one patient who has waited over three years.

The trust stopped reporting its referral to treatment waiting list in March when it discovered “inaccurate reporting” of patients waiting longer than 52 weeks for treatment.

An internal investigation has uncovered 10 patients at the end of August who had been waiting an average 91 weeks for treatment.

The trust reviewed each patient and said none had suffered harm due to the delay in being treated.

The longest waiting patient, who requires plastic surgery, has waited 195 weeks.

The trust missed the 92 per cent incomplete target in August, with only 91.3 per cent of patients starting treatment within 18 weeks, according to a report to the trust’s October board meeting.

An FT spokeswoman said: “As soon as any patient was identified to have waited over 52 weeks for their treatment we immediately apologised and offered a treatment date to them within three weeks. A clinical review for each case was also immediately undertaken which confirmed that no patient experienced harm due to this delay.

“This was an issue with our data system and we have implemented new systems and processes as part of our robust action plan.”