PERFORMANCE: University Hospitals of South Manchester continued to fall below key performance standards for stroke care in May, commissioner board papers show.

The proportion of inpatients spending at least nine tenths of their time in hospital on a dedicated stroke unit fell to 65.2 per cent, down from 67.9 per cent in April.

Performance in both months was well below the target of at least 80 per cent of inpatients, South Manchester clinical commissioning group papers show.

The CCG’s latest performance report continues: “UHSM continues to fail against this priority area, with only 65.2 per cent of patients being cared for on a stroke unit for 90 per cent of their stay during May 2013. This follows poor Q4 2012-13 performance which was below the 80 per cent target.

“UHSM has established an operational group to focus on improving the delivery of stroke care and are currently analysing patient level information to better understand where in the pathway is failing. Early indications show that the average length of stay has increased by 5 days in the past 6 months.

“The results of this analysis will be shared with the CCG and additional actions will be jointly developed.”