FINANCE: University Hospital Southampton Foundation Trust was 10 per cent short of its cost improvement plan target in the year to December.

Board papers for January say £2.5m was delivered in December, £200,000 short of target. The trust had found £17.4m of savings so far in 2011-12 against a plan of £19.2m.

“Slippage on CIP delivery remains a key area of concern in relation to the trust’s performance for the year to date and in relation to the forecast outturn,” the trust’s finance report said.

At the end of the third quarter of 2011-12, 63 per cent of CIP schemes had been delivered.

Although 98 per cent of savings have been identified, “the key issue is actually delivering the identified schemes and doing so within the planned timeframes.

“The level of non-recurrent schemes exceeds the full year effect of schemes planned to deliver this year by £3m.”