FINANCE: University Hospital Southampton Foundation Trust is reporting much higher than expected activity levels, after reporting  “little activity management” has been successfully delivered.

The provider’s operating income for the three months up to and including December 2011 show that total revenue was £11.3m more than expected at £138.6m.

Most of this was from clinical income, which was £9.1m more than expected. Employee costs were £7.1m more than expected at £81.4m.

Overall the trust’s net surplus for the quarter was £594,000 after impairments.

Board papers for January said: “NHS Clinical Income for December [alone] is estimated to be £5.9m above budget.

“The significantly higher income compared to budget is principally the result of: (a) activity being higher than budget due to little activity management being delivered; (b) various service transfers and extra 18 weeks activity and; (c) recognition of income on incomplete spells at 31 December in accordance with FT financial reporting rules.”