WORKFORCE: Two of the trust’s nurses have written a textbook on breast and gynaecological cancers which aims to provide a comprehensive guide for patients and medical staff.

Women’s Cancers is the first book on breast and gynaecological cancers which combines clinical information with first-hand patient experiences.

The text aims to provide nurses with up-to-date clinical guidance on the causes, distribution and control of women’s cancers. And by offering first-hand accounts of breast and gynaecological cancers, the authors hope patients will also gain an insight into the nature of their disease.

Issues addressed in the book include cancer treatments, stages of illness and end of life care, while the authors have also addressed concerns about sexual function and fertility.

The book was written by Alison Keen, a gynaecological oncology clinical nurse specialist, and Elaine Lennan, a consultant nurse in cancer care.

Ms Keen said: “Before the development of this text, there was no comprehensive reference guide for nurse specialists in gynae-oncology and no information for patients on their cancer which combined accounts of fellow patients to give them a complete overview and answers to some of their concerns.

“So, with the help of Elaine’s wide-ranging research on the impact of cancer and its effect on patients and their families, we decided to link with a variety of international experts to produce something that can be picked up by a clinician one day and a patient the next – but be just as useful to both.”