FINANCE: Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust has gained £1m worth of cardiac surgery as a result of work by Hampshire primary care trust to move services outside of London.

In a report to this month’s board meeting, the trust’s chief executive, Mark Hackett, said the PCT has confirmed “a £1m repatriation of cardiac surgery workloads from London to the trust from referral changes in Basingstoke and Frimley Park”.

He said this was reflected in the trust’s contract and was “further evidence that our commissioners are working with us to move services from London”.

Meanwhile Wiltshire PCT and Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust have confirmed services worth £970,000 will transfer to the trust during 2011-12 in urological cancer, primary angioplasty, neurology outpatients, paediatric cardiology, and thoracic surgery.

Mr Hackett said: “This represents the increasing close and developing partnership with Salisbury Foundation Trust who will be providing plastic surgical expertise to our major trauma centre development in 2011-12.”