PERFORMANCE: Southampton University Hospitals Trust has fallen short on three of waiting times indicators.

Papers for its August board meeting showed that the trust was given “red” ratings for several key performance indicators.

In the first quarter of 2011-12, the time between referral to treatment was 34.4 weeks for the 95th percentile of patients, against a target of less than 23.

However the trust was performing better when assessed against its overall median figure of 8.4 weeks, against a target of 11.1.

Only 78.5 per cent of patients were admitted within 18 weeks in June, against a target of 90 per cent.

The trust said it was in the process of clearing a backlog of patients. Speciality areas with a significant backlog have undertaken an analysis of demand and capacity and drawn up plans to cut the backlog.

Meanwhile the trust’s 95th percentile for time to initial assessment in accident and emergency was 32 minutes for the quarter, rising to 36 minutes in June, against a target of less than 15 minutes.