FINANCE: There has been a “significant and unexplained increase” in emergency short-stay admissions at University Hospitals Birmingham Foundation Trust, according to commissioners.

NHS South Birmingham is formally disputing emergency short stay over-performance by University Hospitals Birmingham Foundation Trust from month four.

The primary care trust’s board papers say: “Monitoring information indicates a significant and unexplained increase in admissions which coincided with the move to the new hospital.”

The hospital is overspending on elective admissions by £1.9m. However, tariff rules in 2010-11 mean that activity levels in excess of the 2008-09 level is paid at only 30 per cent of full cost.

When this rule is applied, the overperformance value is reduced to £1m, assuming the PCT benefits from the full 70 per cent reduction.

Overall, the trust is £2.758m overspent against its contract. The remaining overspend is £1m within elective inpatient and outpatient care and £750,000 in the non-Payment by Results portfolio. The £1m overperformance is across a range of inpatient and outpatient services and the £750,000 is on excluded drugs.

This is offset by a £1m underperformance in critical care.

The PCT is seeking to introduce a greater level of control to regulate access to excluded drugs and ensure costs to the NHS are minimised.