WORKFORCE: University Hospitals of Leicester has replaced its traditional out of hours ‘bleep’ process with a hi-tech mobile system to provide better care 24 hours a day.

The trust has gone live with the Nervecentre mobile Hospital at Night system which allows live patient-related information to be sent between senior nurses and clinicians using secure smart phones over a wireless network.

The trust believes this will lead to clinicians being able to better prioritise patient-related tasks and will give the trust data on out of hours activity.

It is hoped the system will reduce internal delays and improve accuracy and visibility of information, improving patient safety and staff experience, as well as providing a governance record of every activity performed in the hospital.

Caroline Barclay, project manager said: “The pager or bleep provides no visibility to allow us to direct our staff towards priorities, as there is no real-time information to establish what individuals are doing at any given time and no way of the clinician being able to use their judgment on the urgency of the request.