PERFORMANCE: Staff at the University Hospitals of Leicester have embraced a new scheme to show extra respect to the families of those who are dying or have died in the emergency department.

The new initiative involves placing an image of a butterfly on the door to identify the patient needs peace and quiet.  

Sister Billi Hamnett recognised a need to keep areas in the department quiet so families could spend quiet time with patients who are dying or have died, after hearing feedback from people who thought the department could be noisy at difficult times.

Ms Hamnett said: “I saw an article about a hospital in Manchester who came up with the idea of a butterfly. It made sense to use the same scheme here in Leicester, as it means that we are able to offer a quieter and more respectful to patients and their families at such a difficult time.”

The butterflies act as a visual prompt to emergency department staff and ambulance crew bringing patients in and have been embraced by all in the department.