WORKFORCE: University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust has launched a DVD for expectant mothers.Press release

Each day around 15 new mothers and babies are discharged home from the Leicester General maternity ward. 

Historically midwives would meet with each woman in the run up to their discharge to talk through relevant information but now midwives answer specific questions while all the basic information is shown on a specially designed DVD.

The DVD contains a variety of information including facts about the care women will receive in the community, advice on breastfeeding and the best way to bathe a newborn.

Maternity ward manager Marian Parrish said:  “We need give women some very specific information before they head home with their newborn. 

“Midwives always gave this information however it was a very time consuming part of their day given the number of women who have their babies with us. The DVD means that staff can carry out other duties while women watch the film and can then be on hand to answer any questions afterwards.”

She added: “Both mums and midwives have been really positive about us using the DVD, which has been received extremely well and other NHS Trusts have been in touch to find out more.”