Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group is asking members of the public why they attend A&E at Leicester Royal Infirmary instead of going to their GP or other NHS services.

The 23 question survey aims to gather information on how many people already registered with a GP attend A&E as well as when and why they went to A&E if they could have been treated more appropriately elsewhere.

The consultation will take place over the next three months and at the end of the period the data will be collected and used understand issues around accessing local services and will help to inform targeted work in different areas of the city.

The survey also presents people with a list of common health conditions and asks them to tick where they would choose to go for treatment for each condition.

Avinashi Prasad, co-chair of Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group and lead for unscheduled care, said: “The aim of the exercise is for us to gain a full picture of the reasons behind A&E usage from a patient perspective. The results from the survey will help us better understand how and why patients use the service, and highlight any current underlying issues, that may need to be addressed.”