FINANCE:  Leicester’s Hospitals is asking for public views on proposals to increase the charge to park at the hospitals.

The trust currently pays to cover the cost of providing the car parks at the Leicester General Hospital, Leicester Royal Infirmary and Glenfield Hospital, but says that money could be spent on caring for patients.

It has set out the following proposed increases:

Existing chargeProposal
30 minutesFree30 minutesFree
Up to 1 hour£1.00Up to 2 hours£2.30
1 to 2 hours£1.50  
2 to 3 hours£2.002 to 4 hours£4.00  
3 to 4 hours£3.00  
4 to 6 hours£4.004 to 8 hours£6.00  
6 to 8 hours£6.00  
8 to 12 hours£8.008 to 12 hours£10.00  
12 to 24 hours£10.0012 to 24 hours£12.00  
Saver tickets for patients or prime carers  
Daily max£5Daily Max£5.50  
Saver (Royal Infirmary only)£25 (for £50 of parking credit)Saver (Royal Infirmary only)£25 (for £50 of parking credit) 




Car park charges were introduced at the Leicester Royal Infirmary in 1996 but have not increased since 2003. At the Leicester General Hospital and Glenfield Hospital they have stayed the same since they were introduced in 2007. The trust claims the current charges are low compared to other large acute hospitals.

Dr Abi Tierney, director of strategy at Leicester’s Hospitals, said: “We want to make sure we get the right balance between not using patient money to pay for car parks and not charging a fee which is too high for our patients.”

An online survey on the proposals will close at midnight on 18 September.