PERFORMANCE: NHS North of England will consider “in the immediate future” whether to stand down the strategic coordinating team that mobilised in response to patient safety issues at the Morecambe Bay trust, board papers state.

In October the strategic health authority designated regulators’ safety concerns about Morecambe Bay as a major incident, a report by NHS Cumbria medical director Mike Bewick said. Dr Bewick was tasked with leading its “gold command” strategic coordinating group.

“The task of Gold Command is to support the trust in ensuring safety in patient services, with particular reference to maternity, neonatal and paediatric services and to outpatient follow-ups – two areas in which major failings had been identified,” the paper states.

“In addition Gold has maintained an active surveillance of incidents and concerns in other services. Part of the support Gold is able to offer to the trust is the capacity to mobilise resources from elsewhere in the NHS as necessary in order to respond to particular concerns and pressures in the Trust.”

However, the foundation’s regulators, Monitor and the Care Quality Commission, also continued their investigations. In 2012 Monitor took regulatory action, stepping in to install a new chairman at the troubled FT.

The paper adds: “The need for Gold Command to be maintained will be reviewed in the immediate future, with an assessment being made as to whether the arrangements in the trust and with commissioners and regulators are sufficient.”