FINANCE: NHS South West London might delay a redistribution of Personal Medical Services funding to avoid “destabilising” practices in Wandsworth and Croydon.

A report to the cluster’s board said: “At the last meeting of the joint boards (part two), the boards of NHS Croydon and NHS Wandsworth agreed a financial and transition negotiating position for the Primary Care Commissioning Team to pursue in their dialogue with practices in those areas.

“The team is now close to preparing and sending out formal offers to the practices in both boroughs.”

It added: “It was necessary to seek chair’s action on changes to the previous agreed transition arrangements, and it was agreed that transition could extend by a further 12 months for those practices that would see a reduction of 20 per cent or more under the newly negotiated arrangement. This was consistent with the boards’ desire not to destabilise practices unnecessarily.”

An equalities impact assessment carried out by the cluster concluded: “The findings of this EIA are that the PMS review is not expected to have an adverse impact on health outcomes of the most disadvantaged residents of Wandsworth and Croydon Boroughs.

“On the contrary, an increased level of investment in the 25 per cent of practices in each borough with highest index of multiple deprivation, combined with the introduction of a new suite of key performance indicators would lead to a positive impact on health outcomes based on the health needs of the borough driven by public health data.”