FINANCE: The south west London primary care trust has invited expressions of interest to bid for a £3m two-year contract for the call centre.

NHS Wandsworth’s tender notice said: “The contract will include the management of GP referrals from the point of enquiry, to the time that the patient attends the appointment.

“The aim of the centre is to improve the quality of the patient experience by providing a supportive and efficient service to manage referrals and to reduce inappropriate referrals to acute trusts.

“This initiative will include provision of all administrative services (obtaining any additional information required for the referral assessment, booking appointments, managing queries, complaints and  feedback), support to GPs and patients, governance,  and identification of training requirements.”

The tender notice said there would be an estimated 82,000 calls to handle over the two-year period and an option to expand the contract by a further year.

It would be expected to start in quarter four of this financial year.