FINANCE: NHS Wandsworth was investigating nine fraud cases in April, minutes disclose.

The south west London commissioning organisation’s Operation Thornycroft “relates to allegations of overcharging patients for treatment”, minutes of the joint audit committee reveal.

The minutes from February said: “There are nine outstanding fraud Investigations. Operation Hereford has received police liaison but no further action is to be taken and a closure report is attached.

“There is a concluding report for Community Sport regarding the unpaid invoice in which the judge found in favour of NHS Wandsworth. Instructions have been sent to all staff to make them aware of the scams and NHS Protect have been informed who will disseminate the information.”

The April minutes state: “Operation Thornycroft relates to allegations of overcharging patients for treatment. Local counter fraud is working with PALs to ensure there are no similar incidences.

“Operation Taunton is ongoing but £1,000 has been repaid to NHS South West London. Operation Newton has been concluded and closed after a police caution.”