When doctors and nurses make the decision to set out and their long and arduous training, we imagine many must have as their idols those pioneers of healthcare who transformed medicine. But it seems the fictional Dr Watson, sidekick of Sherlock Holmes, TV's Dr Kildaire, Frasier's Dr Frasier Crane, Casualty’s nurse Duffy and Hugh Laurie’s Dr Gregory House (from House) are better known to the public than many of these visionaries. 59 per cent of those surveyed by an insurance firm said they had heard of Dr Watson and almost half knew of Dr Kildaire. But penicillin discoverer Sir Alexander Fleming, (pioneer of sterile surgery) Joseph Lister, vaccination pioneer Edward Jenner were all known of by only around 20 per cent of those surveyed. Nurses did not fare much better, with Crimean war nurse Mary Seacole scraping nine percent, the same as those who knew that Elizabeth Garrett Anderson was the first woman to gain a medical qualification inBritain. Even Florence Nightingale only got 37 per cent, although at least that was better than nurse Duffy's 30 per cent.

Meanwhile, inPrestonlocal residentshave been getting upset at the sight ofRoyalPrestonHospitalpatients nipping out to the shops in their pyjamas and slippers. Demonstrating that it is hard to keep an addict down, patients have been spotted buying cigarettes and alcohol and on one occasion, a man was reportedly seen dragging his drip behind him.

Health effects of buying alcohol and cigarettes while receiving health treatment aside, locals are reportedly concerned about the likelihood of said patients contributing to the spread of healthcare associated infections. Which rather suggests that anyone else going shopping and then going to the hospital for work or visiting purposes will be spreading this supposed risk too.

End Game looks forward to the day when anyone entering or leaving a hospital is scrubbed down, Silkwood style.