Health minister Lord Ara Darzi has been learning the potential complications of being in the House of Lords. Saving the life of Lord Brennan, who collapsed during debate of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, with the aid of a defibrillator, meant his parliamentary business was put back a day. So Lord Darzi missed both an appearance at Managers in Partnership conference and the clinical leaders summit due to participate in his own review of the NHS as a result.

With their taste for fast cars, nightclub scraps and bad language, Premiership footballers are often accused of being prize plonkers. But Everton FCs new signing may surprise even the most hardened observers. No it’s not a pacy winger nor a new midfield general, but Mr Testicles – a male cancer awareness mascot. The club demonstrated its fine ball skills when the curly haired rising star took to the pitch at half time during a recent (subs 24 Nov) clash with Sunderland to boost the profile of testicular, prostate and bowel cancer. Now all they need to do his find him a strike partner. A Brazilian, perhaps?

Warning: do not read on if you are feeling squeamish. After trapping his arm in a combine harvester South Carolina farmer Samson Parker was cutting his gloved fingers loose with a penknife, only for a spark from the machine to ignite a blaze in the surrounding corn stubble. Mr Parker realised he would have to take drastic action to avoid being burnt alive and so instead took the blade to his arm and sawed it off. When he got down to the bone, he then dropped to the ground, using his bodyweight to break the bone and free himself, only for an explosion to send him flying. He managed to get help after making it to a road.