It’s official(ish)…more NHS Networks pollsters have better things to do with their time than indulge in Facebook or MySpace frivolities, with just over 40 per cent eschewing either. The poll also showed that 13 per cent actually have both set ups, but slightly more, 14 per cent, confess to being ignorant about the whole business.

A recent headline in Doctor magazine, sent in by a reader: "You've got to die of something". They remark: 'I know it was August when this came out, but is that really news?' Well, quite.

More thoughts from readers: 'Our local hospital in Winchester, the Royal Hampshire County Hospital, was recently fingered in the Liberal Democrat's report on appalling food hygiene recently (a leaking kitchen roof, staff sticking their fingers in the dishes and so on). So the new chief exec Martin Wakeley had to have the press in to watch him eating a plateful of its delicious food to "restore public confidence."

'Apparently, he's ordered all the managers to eat a patient meal once a week, as well, poor souls. Although the story in the Hampshire Chronicle doesn't say whether they'll actually have to visit a ward and talk to one of those patient thingies... '

Finally, a colleague reports: 'When on hold by York Hospitals trust the music is Dean Martin's Amore. All very jolly but I am intrigued as to what worried relatives make of it.'

This has turned End Game's thoughts to some of the worst/best/most inappropriate switchboard music out there. Suggestions to