NHS Grampian has been forced into a policy rethink after it emerged bosses on six-figure salaries had been living in low-cost staff accommodation, according to a local newspaper.

The north-east Scotland health board pointed out that no rules were being broken by the managers using the £200-a-month flats, in which they lived for up to 18 months, the Press and Journal reported.

At least three senior managers are said to have been using the flats, two of whom are paid six-figure salaries.

In a letter to local MSP Richard Baker, who had called on NHS Grampian to investigate the matter, the health board said it will now be reviewing its policy, according to the paper.

Mr Baker had questioned whether allowing senior staff to rent the accommodation was appropriate while budgets are being slashed.

A spokesman for NHS Grampian told the paper: “Staff accommodation is available to all staff employed by NHS Grampian and is not nursing accommodation.

“The staff homes are currently 80% occupied, so a review has begun into whether NHS Grampian will continue to provide accommodation as part of its core business.

“The managers using it are not doing so to the disadvantage of other staff. The managers are paying the going rate for this accommodation and, as such, contributing to the financial well being of NHS Grampian.

“These arrangements comply with NHS Grampian policies and we are satisfied resources are being used appropriately.”