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    Keeping abreast


    The NHS cancer plan gives the UK nine years to match the best breast cancer survival levels in Europe. As Wendy Moore reports, we could just do it

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    More harm than good?


    There is pressure to extend the UK's two national cancer screening programmes to other cancers. But will the benefits outweigh the risks? Wendy Moore reports

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    Writing on the wall


    New Labour's enthusiasm for guidance and targets is well known. But what impact are the guidelines having on the drive to improve Britain's lamentable cancer survival rates? Wendy Moore reports

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    It's a small world


    A new campaign aims to highlight and tackle the increasing globalisation of health problems.

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    Global warning


    The flu epidemic has sparked concerns about how the health service would cope with a pandemic - and one may be imminent. Wendy Moore reports

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    The impossible dream


    The World Health Organisation s goal of health for all by 2000 has clearly failed. Will its strategy for the 21st century fare any better, wonders Wendy Moore

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    One step at a time


    A year after the Acheson report on health inequalities - which won enthusiastic backing from the government - is the UK any nearer meeting its objectives? Wendy Moore reports

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    Gone West


    Russians were keen to abandon their state-run health service for a western insurance model but the health of the nation has suffered, with TB and AIDS rife. Wendy Moore reports

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    Was it good for you, too?


    news focus:

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    Touch of class


    hospital information; Was philanthropy ever really an effective way of funding healthcare before the NHS? New research suggests not. Wendy Moore reports

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    On the line


    The government wants radical reform of consultants' contracts. Wendy Moore considers the likely outcomes

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    On pain of death


    Victims of General Pinochet's regime are among those the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture seeks to help. As the former Chilean dictator waits to hear whether he will be extradited, Wendy Moore reports on its work

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    Public health's new top doc


    Chief medical officer Liam Donaldson combines clinical and management experience. He has been a 'team player' under both Labour and Conservative governments. Wendy Moore meets a pragmatist with both passionate admirers and critics