FINANCE: The primary care trust has been allocated a budget of £1,029m for 2011-12, board papers report.

The figure represents an uplift of £30m compared to 2010-11.

The board papers state: “The budgets reflect the service priorities for the PCT and present a challenging but achievable statement of the PCT’s activities in 2011-12.

They add: “In planning how this money will be spent towards meeting the healthcare priorities for residents of West Kent, we have developed a challenging programme to deliver improved outcomes for patients, underpinned by an efficiency programme, which is structured around QIPP (quality, innovation, productivity and performance) programmes.

“The 2011-12 plans have been co-developed and reviewed by our three emerging GP commissioning consortia and as such reflect consortia intentions.”

The PCT added that it is anticipating achievement of its required surplus of £0.75m in 2010-11 – reduced from £10m in agreement with NHS South East Coast.