COMMERCIAL: The south west London local authority is contracting out two services.

One is a “Community Mental Health Resource service to support preventative and rehabilitative community resources to adult Residents with mental health needs”, the other will be a “user led mental health service”.

The tender said the former will “be a transformational service that enables residents to avoid and in particular, to reduce the need for, prolonged hospital admissions and dependency on mental health services.”

The latter, which will run for three years and cost £1.5m, will allow service users or former service users “to lead and participate in their own groups in such a way that they can place themselves and their experiences at the heart of service design and operation.

“Ultimately the service and user led groups will help to transform mainstream service provision and will work with commissioners and providers alike to enables residents access to services that meet their needs.”

The tender stipulated the proivder must “ensure links are made” with West London Mental Health Trust and IAPT aervices.