WORKFORCE: The West Middlesex, which is on the Department of Health’s list of seven financially challenged trusts, plans to save £19.7m over the next two years.

A report on the trust’s turnaround programme delivered to the trust’s board last month said it anticipated a £22m total saving over the next four years, 15 per cent of turnover.

The report, however, focuses on the delivery of savings over the next two years, starting this month.

It states: “Cost savings of £19.7m are required over the two years from April 2011, of which £12.2m must be delivered in year one.

“Advanced plans are in place to deliver a total of £15.3m, of which £11.9m will be delivered in year one. Further opportunities of £3m cost reduction have been identified and a further £2.7m of contribution from NHS income.”

The job losses over 2011-12 and 2012-13 will be 62.5 posts from the medical division, 37.8 from the surgical division, 6.8 from Women and Children Division, 104 from clinical support services, 50 from corporate directorates and 83.6 from clinical administration.

The turnaround document said: “In 2010-11 the West Middlesex Hospital will spend £6.14m in pay for administrative and clerical (A&C) staff in clinical divisions, employing around 240 whole time equivalent staff.

“There are real opportunities to improve value for money within this support function, whilst at the same time addressing the quality issues that the current inefficient and duplicative processes have for both our patients and the trust itself.”

The trust broke the majority of the £19.7m saving down into £6.2m from “clinical services productivity and value for money” £2.3m from “back-office” and another £2.2m from “clinical administration”.