PERFORMANCE: Patients across West Sussex are being encouraged to start thinking and talking about their drinking habits to coincide with national Alcohol Awareness Week.

In 2010-11 there were more than 125,000 alcohol related hospital admissions in West Sussex, including 68,944 from A&E and 17,107 as inpatients.

NHS Sussex has launched a “quick and easy” online test to help people to think about how much they drink and the risks that might be involved.

DontBottleItUp will allow people to work out whether their drinking is risking their health.  It will also give them information on where to get face-to-face support and other specialist help in West Sussex.

Holly Margetts, alcohol misuse lead for NHS West Sussex, said: “By starting to have these honest conversations with ourselves and each other, we can start to reduce the effects of alcohol on both our health and wellbeing.

“DontBottleItUp is really easy to use and takes less than five minutes. It will help us all to realise what impact our drinking may be having on our health now and for the future.”