FINANCE: The Sussex primary care trust cluster says there is currently a projected overspend of £77.1m against budget on all contracts for 2011-12.

Sussex Commissioning Support Unit made the prediction based on provider monitoring returns for the first two months of the financial year.

In the first pan-Sussex performance report, the support unit’s managing director Frank Sims said: “At current contract activity levels there is an over spend projected for the end of the financial year. This relates to over performance against commissioner budgeted activity, mainly but not exclusively in the acute sector.”

The report forecasts that the cluster’s eight main acute providers will finish the year £65.2m over budget. Additionally, community providers are expected to overspend by £9.5m and primary care by £2.3m.

The largest acute over spend is at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, which is projected to be £23.9m over budget at the end of the year.

However, mental health providers are forecast to breakeven.